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LONE WOLF 2100 TP VOL 01 - 03
LONE WOLF 2100 TP VOL 01 - 03
LONE WOLF 2100 TP VOL 01 - 03
TPs #1-3 im Paket! | komplette Mini-Serie! | SHADOWS ON SAPLINGS, THE LANGUAGE OF CHAOS, PATTERN STORM | GELESEN (Comic kann Gebrauchsspuren aufweisen) Coverpreis 39€

***Rabatt-Aktion*** Dieser Artikel ist zurzeit um 20% reduziert!

Erscheinungsdatum: 16.11.2005
(W) Mike Kennedy (A/CA) Francisco Ruiz Velasco
A young girl may hold the key to saving the world - or destroying it. A corporation wants her secret - no matter what it may be. Her only companion is an android - who is accused of killing her father. The first full-length adventure of young Daisy Ogami and her android protector Itto is now available in one volume! Plunge into the dystopian world one hundred years in the future, where human-like "Emulation Constructs" fight to enjoy the same rights as their human creators, where the vast majority of the world's human population struggles to eke out an existence in a hostile landscape, and where both sides are victim to corporate whim and the deadly effects of a manmade plague. Collecting the first four issue of the series. A ground-up re-imagining of the original Lone Wolf and Cub manga, this series is being done in association with, and under the watchful eye of Kazuo Koike, the writer and co-creator of Lone Wolf and Cub.